Q.: What is the expected duration of the tour?

A.: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Q.: What are my options to get to the Orchid Tour?

A.: You have two options to get to the Tour. The first and easiest will be to join a pre-arranged tours which will include first class bus transport to the farm. The second option is to drive to Orchimex farms, having previously made a reservation for the tour.


Q.: Is the tour wheelchair friendly?

A.: Yes. Orchimex has designed the tour so that people on wheelchairs can see the tour without any problems.


Q.: Does the tour offer a Snack Bar, Gift Shop, Restrooms and Parking?

A.: Yes. The Orchid Tour has a Snack Bar with assorted snacks, beverages, and bottled water, a gift shop with wonderful Orchid souvenirs, plants and flowers. Our restroom facilities are wheelchair friendly, and our Parking lot can accomodate buses and cars.


Q.: Where can I make a reservation to go on the Orchid Tour?

A.: You can contact us by clicking here.