Orchid Tour
Orchimex de Costa Rica now offers a tour of our facilities to show our visitors the orchid world, the most massive and beautiful family in the plant kingdom. Guests will learn about orchids in general as well as practical tips on orchid care. Walking through our greenhouses you will have the opportunity to see the different type of orchid hybrids that we export around the world and our orchid collection with species of our country and from around the world.

The tour consist on a walk through our greenhouse with explanation in designated stations as follows :


Aerial view of our greenhouses


Start: The tour begins here


Station#1 (ORCHIDS WORLD):
Where worlwide history about orchids is told and both people and memorable moments regarding these beautiful flowers are mentioned,as well as the story behind their fame.


- What we produce at ORCHIMEX - Hybrids and how they reproduce - Illustrated process - Tissue culture laboratories - Names of area flowers - Materials and conditions needed by the plant


Station#3 (HARVESTING):
- Flower production - Harvest and frequency - Grade and length - Varietal names - Harvesting periods and process - Transport to packing house


Station# 4 (Collection Greenhouse):
- About the collection - Varieties in the collection - Hybrids and others our Collection - Plants we sell - How to take care of your orchids - Species for begginers


Station# 5 (Packing House):
- Quality control - Packing process - Cold room - Markets - Transport - Market prices